Friday, April 22, 2011


Our next meeting will be on Thursday, April 28th - 7:30PM

501 Castro Street/18th Street - 2nd floor above BofA.  Stairs or elevators to the right when you enter.

I'm hoping to have a representative from Supervisor Wiener's office.  He is unable to attend this time.

There will be a presentation from KitchenGardenSF and the SF Permaculture Guild on their plans to clean, plant and maintain the Corbett Slope.  These folks have done a huge amount of work and research into how to best make this site something we can all be proud of.  They would love input from all of you.  

I'll have updates on the Corbin Steps redo, the "pot" house that was busted where the old Temple Street store used to be, the demise of Trader Joe's plan to locate in the Castro, the plan for building on the Arco (RC) station at Castro and 17th and a slew of others.

Our traffic-calming median and speed radar sign keep getting pushed back for budgetary reasons.  They've been approved, but someone obviously feels there are other projects that need to be addressed first.  Very frustrating.  I hope to have a clearer picture by the time we meet.

Hope to see you there!
- Gary