Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Corbett Heights Updates

Hi Neighbors -
There are several things going on in and around the neighborhood.  Following are some of them worth mentioning:

1.  Corbin Stairs are finished!  What was supposed to take a few weeks ended up taking a few months - but the results are amazing.  Special thanks to John and Leslie for keeping an eye on the progress and for helping plant many of the new replacement plants.
We'll try and schedule a ribbon cutting sometime in the latter half of July.

2.  75 Mars project.  The current owner has proposed doing a total redo of the existing house.  The result would give the house a much more modern appearance.  It would be about 7 or 8 feet taller.  There would also be a 2nd unit with an entrance off of Corbett.  
The patio area adjacent to the house, was "appropriated" many years ago by a former owner and would be returned as parkland.  If the project is approved the owner would file for a 2nd permit to build a stairway from Corbett diagonally up to Mars.  This area would have lighting, irrigation and new landscaping.  
There has been considerable contention on the block since this project was proposed.  A number of the houses on the opposite side of the street would lose a portion of their views from their lower levels.  And some are concerned that the encroachment easement required to enter the lower unit is a "land grab".  It happens that it is a fraction of the portion that would be returned for neighborhood use.
Although I love the idea of the stairway thru the park, I have taken no position on the house itself.  Views, although not protected, are cherished.
A neighbor applied for a Discretionary Review of the tentative approval given by the Planning Dept.  The hearing will take place this Thursday, 6/16 after 12 noon in City Hall - Room 400.  If you'd like to submit a letter - pro or con - send it to:
Michael Smith -  RE: 2010.0598D (75 Mars St).

3.  Membership Dues - due in July.  Please send $15 c/o Kevin Dunn, 123 Corbett, 94114.  Checks may be made out to CHN.  Please send them in soon to remain on the mailing list!

4.  Corbett Slope - wonderful news coming later this week when confirmed!

5.  Recommendations for services:  Choosing someone to change a lock, fix a broken window, paint your house or install recessed lighting is often a shot in the dark.  I'd like to see if some of you have been happy with someone or some company that has done work for you.  We can post their information on our website.  Corbett Heights Neighbors would not take responsibility for any of the work done, of course.
I've recently been using a carpenter/painter/handyman who has been amazing.  I'd like to help his business and any others with a good recommendation.
He's Adrian Turnbull of Turnbull Construction.  206-854-7597.  Give him a try!

6.  Our next meeting will be on Thursday, July 28th, at 7:30.  Supervisor David Chiu will attend to discuss his mayoral campaign.  Mark your calendars!

- Gary