Thursday, July 14, 2011


As you may already know, Corbett Slope is on the way to becoming Corbett Slope Community Garden!  I'll have more information about this later on.  In the meantime, we're trying to set up a core group of volunteers who will be involved in the planning of the Slope.  This will involve everything from helping design the paths to selecting the plants to organizing work days.  You do not need to have a great knowledge of plants and do not need to spend hours and hours weeding.  What we're looking for is a group of people who can help create of vision - and also help with some of the care and implementation of the plan.  
Our first meeting will take place immediately before the neighborhood meeting - Thursday, July 28th - 7PM - at the Castro Community Meeting Room - 501 Castro/18th - 2nd floor (elevator available).  
Hope to see you there!

Mayoral Candidates Forum:
I am also on the board of the Castro/Eureka Valley Neighborhood Ass'n. (EVNA)  We have partnered with the Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Ass'n. (DTNA) to create a forum for the 9 Mayoral frontrunners.  The event will take place on:
Monday, August 8th - at the Castro Theatre - 7PM.  Liam Mayclem of "Eye on the Bay" will be the moderator.  Admission is free!
The candidates - in alphabetical order are: Michaela Alioto-Pier, John Avalos, David Chiu, Bevan Dufty, Tony Hall, Dennis Herrera, Joanna Rees, Phil Ting and Leland Yee.
Send me any questions you'd like to ask the candidates - by no later that August 1st.  We'll be consolidating questions from both groups.
Bring anyone you'd like to the event - it's a big theatre!

And last - it's time to renew your membership!  
Many of you have already paid for 2011  - and a number of you from neighboring associations need not pay.
The dues are $15/year per household.  If you'd like to stay involved but cannot pay the $15, just let me know and you can remain a free member.
Your membership entitles you to vote on issues, and to receive regular updates on events in the neighborhood.  Without membership dues, you may be removed from the mailing list. 
Make checks payable to CHN or Corbett Heights Neighbors.  You can mail to 123 Corbett or to 78 Mars - or just drop it in either mailbox.  If you are paying with cash please make sure all of your information is with it.

Thank you!
- Gary