Monday, October 3, 2011


Hi Neighbors -

Tomorrow Scott Wiener’s office will introduce a resolution to officially transfer Corbett Slope from the Dept. of Real Estate to DPW.  This is great news.  It means that past development threats are pretty much gone.  And the water will be turned on.

We’ll be having our second work day on the Slope this Saturday, October 8th - from 10AM - 2PM.  Bring any tools you may have - gloves, clippers, shovels....

You don’t need to have gardening experience or a strong back.  

Also, we’d like to have a few snacks and drinks.  CHN can pay if anyone would like to help putting it together.  We’ll also need a table to put them on.

So come on by and lend a hand - or just say hello!  A sunny day is predicted.

See you Saturday!

- Gary