Saturday, October 8, 2011

Workday on the Slope

Hi All
In case you’re ever wondering what 20 cubic yards of mulch looks like, imagine a Winnebago.  There were about 20 of us who either stayed from 9 until 2, or dropped by to help for a while.  And the mulch pile is now visible inside the gate to the slope.  It looks incredible - please check it out!
Besides the group from KitchenGardenSF and the SF Permaculture Guild, Nancy, Marianne, Pat, Maggie, Janet, Albert, Daniel, Sheila, Tim and Martín helped out from the neighborhood.  Please forgive me if I’m forgetting someone.
Today a few of us took a tour of the far west portion of the Slope.  It’s quite amazing that this huge and beautiful property is about to become the Corbett Slope Community Garden.
We’ll be having another cleanup and planting day in the beginning of November.  Hope you can make it!
- Gary