Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More information on crimes in Corbett Hts.

Hi Neighbors
Several of you asked for a description of the assailant.  Here is the description given to the police:

- young african american, male, between 27 and 33, dressed in dark
- armed with a hand gun or pistol
- he ordered my friend to give him something, the iPhone, the wallet and the keys of the car, so that my friend could not chase him, said "don't look at me" then he ran away to a car (brand and make could not be seen)and disappeared.
Nothing more, unfortunately.
Thank you for forwarding these information. Police officers said that there has been a gang operating in the neighborhood these last days. They mentioned an attack on Henry street, and I know that there has been a couple of car breakages in our street (Mars Street).

Here’s another incident:

I just heard from a woman who lives on the corner that a man was mugged at 3pm several days ago on 17th at 3pm.  He was taking pictures with a new camera was pushed into the street and did not call the police.  His camera was stolen.  Sorry I don't have names. 

I will invite the Captain of Park Station to our next meeting which is not until the end of January.
We had representatives from SAFE attend meetings several times.  I still put out their info during our meetings.  
A few years ago, 2 small groups got together - I believe one was in the 100 block of Corbett and the other on 17th.  I don’t know if they still meet.  It can be very effective.  It usually works best for individual blocks.  
If anyone is interested in getting involved, let me know and I can connect you with anyone else on your (or our) block.
Here’s a link: