Thursday, December 1, 2011

Corbett Slope Hearing Coming Up!

Hi Neighbors,
After years of fighting to protect the Corbett Slope as our Community Garden, the Land Use Committee hearing to have it transferred back to DPW (Dept of Public Works) will be held either this coming Monday, December 5, or the following Monday, the 12th.  We should know later today.
Currently in the jurisdiction of the city’s Dept of Real Estate, luxury home developers have most likely been salivating over this large view parcel.  The economy is probably the only reason we’ve been able to keep them at bay so far.
Our grand plans to develop this into a beautiful park, and the transfer to DPW (proposed by Supervisor Wiener’s office) will - for now - prevent the city from selling off the land.
BUT - it will be important for there to be a showing of supporters at the hearing.  One never knows who may show up at these hearings to try and prevent it from happening.  With Supervisor Wiener’s support, and a reasonable showing of neighbors supporting the transfer, we will be successful.
I’ll send another email with the date and time once it’s confirmed.
Thanks for your support!!