Friday, December 9, 2011

PLEASE help save Corbett Slope!

Hi All

This past Monday the Land Use committee voted unanimously to allow the transfer of the Corbett Slope back to DPW from the Dept of Real Estate.  It seemed as though the rest of the process would be smooth sailing.  But now, as I understand it, a large and outspoken contingent of affordable housing advocates has been aggressively lobbying the supervisors in advance of the hearing of the full board this Tuesday.

As you know, we have had numerous successful work days on the site so far, and have been looking forward to having steady access well into the future.  

The goals are to have an accessible section for the neighborhood, as well as fruit and vegetable areas, native plant areas and a trail system thru the uppermost parts.

Now we really need your help!  

This coming Tuesday, 12/13, the item will be discussed before the full Board of Supervisors. There will be no public commentbut if you'd like to attend, it will be at City Hall, Room 250. The hearing begins at 2PM but we're #35 on the agenda.

PLEASE write a short letter - BEFORE TUESDAY - (and include your address) stating that this wonderful open space needs to be preserved.  Affordable housing is essential also, but virgin open space - what little remains in SF - should not be sacrificed.  If we lose, the land WILL be sold, and market-rate housing will replace the mature trees.

If you would either send the letter to me, or send a copy to each of the Supervisors, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks very much for your help!


Here are the Board of Supervisors' contacts:

John Avalos

David Chiu

Malia Cohen

Mark Farrell

Eric Mar

Scott Wiener

David Campos

Carmen Chu

Sean Elsbernd

Jane Kim

Ross Mirkarimi