Tuesday, December 13, 2011

WE WON TODAY! One round left...

Hi Neighbors -
After a very contentious debate, we won - 6-5!
Voting with us were:
Scott Wiener - who sponsored the transfer
David Chiu
Sean Elsbernd
Malia Cohen
Carmen Chu 
and Mark Farrell

Voting against:
Ross Mirkarimi
Eric Mar
Jane Kim
John Avalos
and David Campos

This was the first of 2 readings - the second will be Jan 10.  
You all were amazing!  So many of you wrote in to the supervisors.  It helps tremendously when there are a stack of letters supporting one side.  
Also, a huge thanks to Milo Hanke (past President), and Kearstin Krehbiel (the new Executive Director )of San Francisco Beautiful for their support.

Keep the support coming!  If you haven’t written yet, you have until Jan 10 to write a quick note to the supervisors.  You can skip sending letters to Scott Wiener since he was the sponsor of the transfer.  We owe him a huge thank you for this!