Tuesday, December 13, 2011

WE WON TODAY! One round left...

Hi Neighbors -
After a very contentious debate, we won - 6-5!
Voting with us were:
Scott Wiener - who sponsored the transfer
David Chiu
Sean Elsbernd
Malia Cohen
Carmen Chu 
and Mark Farrell

Voting against:
Ross Mirkarimi
Eric Mar
Jane Kim
John Avalos
and David Campos

This was the first of 2 readings - the second will be Jan 10.  
You all were amazing!  So many of you wrote in to the supervisors.  It helps tremendously when there are a stack of letters supporting one side.  
Also, a huge thanks to Milo Hanke (past President), and Kearstin Krehbiel (the new Executive Director )of San Francisco Beautiful for their support.

Keep the support coming!  If you haven’t written yet, you have until Jan 10 to write a quick note to the supervisors.  You can skip sending letters to Scott Wiener since he was the sponsor of the transfer.  We owe him a huge thank you for this!


Friday, December 9, 2011

PLEASE help save Corbett Slope!

Hi All

This past Monday the Land Use committee voted unanimously to allow the transfer of the Corbett Slope back to DPW from the Dept of Real Estate.  It seemed as though the rest of the process would be smooth sailing.  But now, as I understand it, a large and outspoken contingent of affordable housing advocates has been aggressively lobbying the supervisors in advance of the hearing of the full board this Tuesday.

As you know, we have had numerous successful work days on the site so far, and have been looking forward to having steady access well into the future.  

The goals are to have an accessible section for the neighborhood, as well as fruit and vegetable areas, native plant areas and a trail system thru the uppermost parts.

Now we really need your help!  

This coming Tuesday, 12/13, the item will be discussed before the full Board of Supervisors. There will be no public commentbut if you'd like to attend, it will be at City Hall, Room 250. The hearing begins at 2PM but we're #35 on the agenda.

PLEASE write a short letter - BEFORE TUESDAY - (and include your address) stating that this wonderful open space needs to be preserved.  Affordable housing is essential also, but virgin open space - what little remains in SF - should not be sacrificed.  If we lose, the land WILL be sold, and market-rate housing will replace the mature trees.

If you would either send the letter to me, or send a copy to each of the Supervisors, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks very much for your help!


Here are the Board of Supervisors' contacts:

John Avalos


David Chiu


Malia Cohen


Mark Farrell


Eric Mar


Scott Wiener


David Campos


Carmen Chu


Sean Elsbernd


Jane Kim


Ross Mirkarimi


Monday, December 5, 2011


Hi Neighbors
This is not the end, but the fight to preserve the Corbett Slope has passed the biggest hurdle.  The 3 supervisors who sit on the Land Use Committee voted unanimously to support the transfer.
First, and foremost, I’d like to thank Supervisor Scott Wiener for sponsoring the transfer.  Without this the land would have languished with the Dept. of Real Estate until the time that the city would sell it, and market-rate monster homes would be built there.
Thanks so much to all of you who showed up at City Hall this afternoon to speak: Nancy Peoples, Michaeline Kiss, John and Leslie Koelsch, Janice Low, John Easterday, Janet Roubian, Aaron Chapman and Mark Ryser. (Hope I’m not forgetting someone.)
And HUGE thanks to Karla Nagy from KitchenGardenSF!
Next Tuesday this will go before the full board.  It is unlikely that the board will go against a unanimous decision by Land Use, but there could be fierce opposition by affordable housing advocates.  I’ll let you know the next steps.
But so far - congratulations to all of us!
- Gary

Friday, December 2, 2011


I’m very sorry about all the emails, but I just found out that there will be a group of affordable housing advocates who plan on showing up to protest the transfer of the Corbett Slope out of the Dept. of Real Estate’s hands.
Please try and show up - even briefly - at 1PM Monday.  We’re first on the agenda. 
It will be in Room 263 of City Hall.
Thanks for all of you who showed support by sending Scott an email.  He probably has enough for now.  
I hope to see many of you on Monday.  And I hope the next email I send out will announce that we’ve won!

- Gary


So sorry to bombard you with emails, but I gave the wrong email address for Scott Wiener’s office.

It is:

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hi All
The Land Use Committee hearing to transfer the Corbett Slope to DPW is scheduled for this coming Monday, 12/5.
It will take place at City Hall - Room 263.
The hearing starts at 1PM and we are first on the agenda.
Please try and attend if at all possible.  If not, a note to Supervisor Wiener’s office that includes your name and address will be helpful.
You can email the note to: scott.wiener@gov.org.  Just express briefly what the open space and future park means to you and the neighborhood.  Just a sentence or 2 will suffice.

Hope to see you there!

Corbett Slope Hearing Coming Up!

Hi Neighbors,
After years of fighting to protect the Corbett Slope as our Community Garden, the Land Use Committee hearing to have it transferred back to DPW (Dept of Public Works) will be held either this coming Monday, December 5, or the following Monday, the 12th.  We should know later today.
Currently in the jurisdiction of the city’s Dept of Real Estate, luxury home developers have most likely been salivating over this large view parcel.  The economy is probably the only reason we’ve been able to keep them at bay so far.
Our grand plans to develop this into a beautiful park, and the transfer to DPW (proposed by Supervisor Wiener’s office) will - for now - prevent the city from selling off the land.
BUT - it will be important for there to be a showing of supporters at the hearing.  One never knows who may show up at these hearings to try and prevent it from happening.  With Supervisor Wiener’s support, and a reasonable showing of neighbors supporting the transfer, we will be successful.
I’ll send another email with the date and time once it’s confirmed.
Thanks for your support!!