Friday, January 6, 2012


Happy New Year Neighbors!

First I’d like to tell you that we’ll be having another work day on the Slope next Saturday, January 14th - from 10AM - 2PM.  Please stop by and lend a hand - or just check out what we’ve been doing so far.

This coming Monday will be the 2nd and final reading of Scott Wiener’s proposal to transfer the Corbett Slope to DPW.  The vote at the first reading was 6-5 in our favor.  Let’s hope it at least stays the same.  If you haven’t sent in a letter to the supervisors, please consider doing so before the 10th.  Go to: for their contact info.  You can write a short note to all of them - except for Scott who sponsored the transfer.  Just say that you feel it’s important for what is left of the open space in SF should remain so.  Or whatever you’d like to express.

There has been a flurry of crime in Corbett Heights of late.  I’ve asked Capt. Denis O’Leary of Park Station to attend our next neighborhood meeting, which will take place on Thursday, January 26th, 7:30 − 9PM above BofA on Castro/18th Sts.  

Please mark your calendars.

And finally, a New Year’s gift sent by my neighbor Tony on Mars: