Friday, October 5, 2012

Important Corbett Heights Meeting

Hi Neighbors -

I’ve been away a lot this past summer and haven’t sent out any neighborhood updates or news.

But I want to make sure you put our next meeting on your calendars. 

I’ve been trying to get State Senator Mark Leno to attend one of our meetings for most of this year, and his office has finally confirmed his availability to attend our meeting later this month.  In addition to informing us of some of the work he’s been doing, he’ll go over many of the state propositions on the ballot this November.

And - after technical difficulties in July caused our planned discussion and slide show to be limited to a discussion only, we’ve ironed out the problems and the talk will take place during this upcoming meeting.  It will be given by architectural historian Michael Corbett who is currently working on a history of Corbett Heights.  He will show us dozens of old photos and historic maps of the neighborhood.  Many of the streets’ names have changed over the last century or so, and many of the old homes that will be shown will be instantly recognizable.

[Here’s a little more information on the Corbett Heights study:
In May, Corbett Heights Neighbors applied for and received a grant from the Historic Preservation Fund Committee (HPFC) to hire a historian to research and write a history of our neighborhood.  This history will focus on understanding why the buildings and street patterns we see today exist.

This was discussed numerous times at our meetings over the last 2 years.

The HPFC and its grant program are available as a result of a citizen’s lawsuit several years ago filed when the developers of the old Emporium store site violated the conditions of their construction permits by tearing down all but the Market Street facade.  A $2.5 million settlement was negotiated.  This money is available to community groups for efforts to preserve and study historic resources through a grant application process.  

Corbett Heights Neighbors hired Michael Corbett, one of the Bay Area’s most respected architectural historians to conduct the Study.  Michael is the well-known author of the classic SF work “Splendid Survivors” and the more recent book on the history of the Port of SF’s waterfront buildings.  Michael, no known relation to the Corbett for which our street is named, is excited about the many unusual aspects of our area.

The Study, is expected to be completed late Winter or early Spring, 2013.]

In addition, I’ll have updates on the numerous developments under construction along the Market Street corridor - and the ones about to break ground.

SO PLEASE ATTEND, and meet your neighbors!

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25th - 7:30 − 9PM
501 Castro Street @ 18th Street - 2nd floor

Everyone is welcome, but your $15 annual household membership helps the beautification of our neighborhood.
You may pay in cash or check made out to CHN.  Checks can be dropped off at the meeting or in the mailbox at 123 Corbett or 78 Mars (top box).

Thanks - and see you at the meeting!

- Gary