Saturday, December 15, 2012

Corbett Heights Membership thru PayPal!

Hi Everyone - 

At long last, with huge thanks to Rick Johnson and Ian Goldstein, we are set up on our website to collect membership via PayPal.
Dues are still $15 per year per household.  A reminder will be sent after a year.

In addition to membership, you can also contribute to the History Project and/or the Corbett Slope.  Descriptions of both are on the site.

I’ll continue to send out updates for a while, but eventually - unless I’ve added your name to the list for complimentary membership - you’ll stop receiving notices/emails/updates if dues are not paid.  You can ALWAYS request free membership for financial reasons - or if you live outside of our area and would like to remain on the list.
(Let me know if you’re not sure if it’s time for you to pay.)

So please check out our website:

And  PLEASE, if you can spare an hour a month and would like to help out our organization - your organization - please let me know.

And have a wonderful holiday season.

- Gary