Tuesday, July 23, 2013

AT&T BOXES in Corbett Heights

2 years ago, Corbett Heights Neighbors voted to oppose allowing AT&T to install their enormous utility boxes in our neighborhood.  This was an option at the time.  Since then, the boxes have gotten larger, and AT&T is ravenously taking out permits to install the boxes all over town. 
I'm attaching 2 of the notices in case you haven't seen any yet.  
One is at 62 Ord, at the base of the Saturn steps, another is one of 2 intended for the Ord Triangle Park at Ord, 17th and Corbett.  
There are also 3 others that I'm aware of:  NE corner of 17th and Roosevelt - by the bamboo grove; the 300 block of Corbett, in front of the gate to the Corbett Slope, and somewhere in the 400 block of Corbett.
2 things you can do if you oppose these:
Write or email a letter of opposition (contact info on notices), and come to the CHN meeting Thurs (notice attached).  The opposition letter needs to be sent by the end of this week.