Friday, July 26, 2013

!!!AT&T BOXES in Corbett Heights!!!

Hi Neighbors -
Thank you all for coming to the meeting last night.  I will be sending out a recap of the meeting in the next couple of days.

The reason for this email is that TODAY is the deadline for sending in a protest for the first 2 boxes that AT&T is hoping to install in Corbett Heights.  

The first is at the base of the Saturn Steps on Douglass.
The other is adjacent to the Ord Triangle Park on 17th near Douglass.  

For those of you who came to the meeting last night you saw how absolutely enormous these boxes will be.
There are alternatives!

Please send a brief email - including your name and address to:
Dept. of Public Works
Bureau of Street-Use and Mapping
1155 Market St. - 3rd floor
SF 94103

Just tell them that you object to having these "SMFs" (surface mounted facilities) in your neighborhood - unless you'd like them.

Your can email to

Here are the notices for the 2.