Friday, July 12, 2013

Corbett Heights Parks/Parklets

Hi Neighbors -

There are 9 green spaces within Corbett Heights.  Here's a list (in no particular order):

Ord Triangle Park (Ord/Corbett/17th St)
Corbin Stairs (connecting Corbett & 17th near 200 Corbett)
Merritt Park (Market/Danvers/Merritt)
Mars Park (soon to get a complete makeover - Mars/Corbett)
Sweetgum Corner (Mars/17th St)
Corbett Slope (Corbett on the 300 block, connecting with Market)
Al's Park (also in the 300 block of Corbett - public right-of-way AKA 19th St)
Clayton Green Space (Clayton betw Market and Corbett - the ivy desert)
Clayton/Corbett Park (Corner Clayton/Corbett)

These are all vastly different in size, and degree of being maintained.
A couple of these are looked after and look quite nice - Sweetgum corner and Corbin Stairs.  One - Clayton/Corbett Park - is very regularly maintained by Chris Smith.
And Mars Park will soon be redone with a new stairway, lighting and landscaping.
But for the most part, our green spaces are very much in need of a little attention.  

If you feel like participating in a cleanup - either by organizing or just lending a hand - or by adopting one of these areas - please let me know.  I have a garage full of garden tools and recyclable leaf bags, and there is money in the budget for some new plants and other improvements - and of course, snacks and drinks!

So let me know if you're interested, and I'll spread the word.

- Gary