Monday, September 30, 2013

Last Chance to vote on ATT Boxes in Corbett Hts

Please take a moment to vote on the ATT Boxes.  The survey will end this week.

Hi Neighbors -
As many of you know, for the last few years I have been battling AT&T over their desire to install 726 surface-mounted-facilities (SMF's) in San Francisco's public rights-of-way.  6 or 7 would go in Corbett Heights.  The fight has gone on since shortly after undergrounding in Corbett Heights was completed.  I have joined with SF Beautiful and about 15 other neighborhood organizations to combat the installation of these boxes.
2 years ago Corbett Heights Neighbors voted - practically unanimously - to oppose having the boxes installed in our neighborhood.  We were told that if we opposed them we would not get them.  That was then.  AT&T now feels it has a right to go against our wishes.  
I've been working with Supervisor Scott Wiener's office to come up with acceptable wording for a survey that would show indisputable proof of our support for or opposition to having these boxes take over our sidewalks.  The wording has been approved by Supervisor Wiener as well as by AT&T.  

Please forward this to others in the neighborhood.  Note:  you must live within Corbett Heights' boundaries (map below).  And only 1 vote per household or apartment will be accepted.
Your answers are safe and will only go to the Supervisor's office.  I will only receive the number of votes pro or con.  No other information will be distributed or available.

Thank you!!
- Gary

Here's the survey: