Monday, October 14, 2013

Corbett Heights Meeting! Oct. 24th.

Hi Neighbors - 
Our next neighborhood meeting will be on Thurs, Oct. 24th, 7-9PM.  
I'll send out a more official notice later this week.  

Our guests will be Supervisor Scott Wiener and Assessor-Recorder Carmen Chu.

AND - I have great news about the results of the AT&T survey!  Including the same survey that AT&T sent out itself to it's subscribers and subscriber-hopefuls, there were 85% opposed, 11% in favor.  This is great news for Corbett Heights.  Until AT&T comes up with a less intrusive way of providing service, U-verse will not be coming to our neighborhood.  
By the way, there were over 330 responses!  Congratulations!!

In addition, we'll have updates on traffic calming, the retaining wall going up on the Market St. side of Corbett Slope, and the latest on the Upper Market developments.

So, please come!