Thursday, January 9, 2014

AT&T - Not in Corbett Heights

Hi Neighbors,

Just wanted to pass on the good news.  The AT&T giant utility box that was planned for the base of the Saturn Steps - 62 Ord - is now included in the moratorium.  AT&T had argued that this location was not in Corbett Heights, and therefore an allowable location for a box.  The fact that it is within our boundaries is clearly shown on our website.
They must now wait until October 1, 2015 before they can even apply for a permit or consider locations within Corbett Heights.  We are the only neighborhood in the city - other than designated Historic Districts - that is avoiding, if temporarily, this blight.  Fights continue in every district, but as of now, AT&T is getting blanket approval from DPW.  Opposition only means that an alternate location will be considered.  But the box ends up going in anyway.
We owe Supervisor Wiener a debt of gratitude for agreeing to honor the results of the survey.  If only the use of a survey could become more widespread.....

I'm attaching the amended letter sent out by Supervisor Wiener's office today, as well as an email from his aide, Andres, announcing a hearing before the Land Use committee.  If you can possibly attend, let me know.  I will give you more information.  The more bodies that show up in opposition, the better.