Friday, February 14, 2014

Supervisor Wiener's In-Law Legislation

Hi Neighbors,
First - Happy Valentine's Day!
You've probably heard about 2 proposals that aim to increase the housing supply in SF.  Supervisor Chiu will be proposing in-law amnesty during the next month or so.  It will first be reviewed by the Board of Supervisors.
In addition to that, and having nothing to do with existing in-law units, Supervisor Wiener is proposing a law that would allow for an additional unit to be created within the existing building envelope of a home, so long as it is not created out of existing habitable space.
The law would not be citywide.  Supervisor Wiener is proposing a trial area.  The boundaries would be generally - Dolores to the east, 14th St. to the north, Market to the west and 22nd St. to the south.
If you're interested in finding out more about it, or to voice your opinion, click on the link below.  There's also a survey - put together by EVNA - Eureka Valley Neighborhood Ass'n.