Saturday, March 8, 2014

More crime in Corbett Heights

Below are 2 incidents of car break-ins that occurred during the last week.  Never leave anything in your car that is visible to passersby.  That includes sunglasses, coins, cables.  (Especially cables.)

I was walking the dogs this morning at 7AM on the other side of 17th Street where Saturn and Lower Terrace meet, by the house on the "cement hill" around that curve. Five cars had their passenger side windows broken in to. I saw on Temple Street a lot of clothing, food, "stuff" as if someone had been in a fight possibly, then realized as I got closer to Lower Terrace, most of this stuff probably came from the cars that were broken in to.

(Above sent by a neighbor on Mars)

My Jeep was broken into between 10 am and 4 pm today.
It was parked in front of my house on 17th Street and Temple.
Daytime with busy street traffic. Was anyone else hit today?

Above sent by a neighbor on 17th St.