Friday, May 30, 2014

Corbett Heights Updates

Hi Neighbors,
Several projects are underway in or near Corbett Heights.  I'm overdue sending you some updates!

  • Corbett Slope:  Work started today!!!  DPW has begun the preparatory work for the new retaining wall on Market Street at the base of the Slope.  The wall will prevent rock and soil debris from obliterating the sidewalk every few months.  They're now scraping away at the rock outcropping at the east end.  All of the "junk" will be gone!  The westernmost portion of the new wall - the part that connects to the existing painted wall - will eventually be removed.  DPW has agreed to do this so that the future stairway that will connect Market to Corbett will have an entry point.  Once they remove this new section, we will install a landing and a combination path/stairway that will snake its way up the hill.  After some low fences and seating are installed, Corbett Slope will be open to the public again!!  If you haven't noticed, over 100 plants have been planted - mostly California natives.  If you have an interest in participating please let me know.

  • Corbett Slope Viewing Party:  Sunday, June 22nd from noon until ???.  Please stop by to take a look at all the work that's been done, and see the future plans.  NO WORK will be done!  Supervisor Wiener will stop by.  It was his sponsoring the transfer of the land back to DPW that enabled us to keep it.

  • 3198 Market:  This is the site at the base of Al's Park.  We met with the new owners and future developers of the site a few weeks ago.  It will be a relatively small house - total square footage will be 2100 feet.  No parking will be included so no disruption to Al's Park or to the retaining wall on Market.  If you haven't already seen the plans and would like to, please let me know and I'll send them.

  • AT&T Ugly Boxes:  Corbett Heights is still one of the only neighborhoods in San Francisco with a moratorium on receiving these utility boxes.  In addition, because of the citywide uproar about the process and the boxes themselves, Supervisor Wiener's "Utility Box Legislation" passed at the Board of Supervisors unanimously.  Here is more information, taken from Scott's newsletter:
  This week, the Board of Supervisors unanimously passed my legislation to improve the   standards and process for placing utility boxes, such as AT&T's proposed boxes, on our   city sidewalks. Under state law, we cannot prohibit these boxes, but we can put standards   in place to protect our neighborhoods. After I held a hearing earlier this year, where we   heard over two hours of public comment from neighbors frustrated with the process of   placing AT&T U-verse cabinets on our streets, I committed to addressing these issues. The   legislation, for the first time, puts binding procedures in place to require early and   comprehensive outreach to neighborhoods, requires utilities to allow murals on their   boxes and plant/maintain greening near the boxes if requested, imposes strict graffiti   abatement standards, requires utilities to make meaningful efforts to place the boxes on   private property, and mandates an annual assessment of the technical feasibility of   undergrounding the boxes. The legislation is a positive step forward.

  • 3066 Market Street - Giant Sequoia Landmarking:  The new owner of this 1890s cottage purchased it with permit entitlements.  He is working on it now, and will sell it as soon as it's finished.  There is an approximately 70 year old giant sequoia tree in the backyard.  It is visible from Market Street, Twin Peaks and the surrounding area.  This new owner thought it would improve the value of the house if the tree were removed.  He had hired an arborist to do this.  As there is currently no ordinance that protects rear yard trees, the only option for saving it was to attempt to landmark it.  The tree is magnificent, loved and appreciated by all the neighbors and certainly worthy of this honor.  After a very lengthy process, it was discussed at the Urban Forestry Council which voted 4 − 4.  Since there was no win or loss, it will soon be heard before the Board of Supervisors' Land Use Committee where we expect it will be granted landmark status.

  • 75 Mars:  This house remodeling began a few weeks ago.  There is a new owner who plans on living there.  The project involves adding a second story, a garage on Corbett and a lower unit accessed from Corbett.  It also includes building a stairway that will connect Corbett to Mars, new landscaping, lighting and irrigation.

  • 17th Street Traffic Calming:  I hate to even mention this without sounding like a liar!  There have been so many delays.....  The latest guess from SFMTA is that the "speed cushions" will be installed by the end of June or by mid-July.  The sites have been marked on 17th St.  Don't hold your breath.

- Gary