Monday, June 29, 2015

Corbett Hts Great News Clarification

Just wanted to clarify - at least a couple of people were under the impression from what I wrote below that your property tax would increase to support this new park.  Not the case.  The huge increase in property tax assessments throughout the city has enabled this to happen.  That, plus Supervisor Wiener's strong support of green space.

AND - on Sunday, July 12 we'll be having a cleanup day at the Slope - starting at 11AM.  Please stop by to help out for a bit, or for a tour of the park and to get an idea of the plan.

- Gary

Hi Neighbors -

Thanks to Supervisor Scott Wiener, the Corbett Slope will now become the city's newest park - open to the public, landscaped and including paths, stairways and railings.  He was able to get the funds that DPW specified for an acceptable plan.  We also have a crazy increase in property tax to thank, but this never would have happened without a big push from Scott.
I'll let you know more soon!

Also, please put our next meeting on your calendars - Thursday, July 23rd.
Our wonderful City Attorney - Dennis Herrera - will be there to speak with us.  

- Gary