Friday, September 4, 2015

Corbett Heights News

Hi Neighbors - 
You may be aware that a couple of us on our board are very involved in "planning" issues in Corbett Heights, Corona Heights, and Eureka Valley.  This refers to any building-related projects - remodels, demolitions, new construction, etc.  I receive as many as a couple of dozen notices each week.  
As you also may know, after horrified neighbors watched their blocks changing before their eyes as quaint homes were replaced with huge, new buildings, and many articles were written about the situation, Supervisor Wiener opted to sponsor legislation that attempted to put some well-needed limits on what developers could build.  
I worked with the supervisor's office on what became the "interim zoning controls" legislation.  The boundaries include virtually all of Corbett Heights and other streets that include the southern portion of Corona Heights and all of Mt. Olympus.
Suddenly, none of the notices I received were for projects within this area.
Then it changed.  There are now 3 big projects that are in or about to enter the pipeline that intend to work against the legislation and build to the maximum that was possible beforehand.

The first one - scheduled for a hearing before the Planning Commission on Sept. 24th - is 22 − 24 Ord Court.  These are 2 lots that go through to States.  The developers would like to build 2 new homes on States while keeping and/or adding considerably to the existing ones on Ord Court.  

The second one would pave and cover the entire rock outcropping on the NW corner of Roosevelt and 17th.  These are actually 3 lots, 2 of which go all the way up to Upper Terrace.  The developers would like to build 9 very large homes - all with lap pools - on the site.  

The 3rd is 32 Ord St.  This one would expand in all directions if the developer has his way.  

Just to clarify:  we are not opposed to improvements to property, adding a deck or a room or even a level.  But the project should honor the new interim zoning controls.  This means basically, that 45% of the lot should remain open space; new homes on vacant lots should be 3,000 square feet or less; existing single-family homes can increase by 75% and under 3,000 square feet; or by 100% if adding a 2nd unit.

I'm writing about this because our board has discussed, in our desire to protect the character of our neighborhood, writing letters of support or opposition to projects that we feel will affect this character.  
Before doing so, we would like to ask the membership its opinion.  If we were to receive responses that were in opposition to our position we would certainly reconsider that position.  If there were no or very few responses, we would assume that meant that the neighborhood agreed with our stand.  

I'm attaching a .pdf file that shows the plan for the Upper Terrace/Roosevelt/17th Street project: