Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Thank you for participating in this survey.  Your feedback is important.

A project in our neighborhood is currently being considered by the SF Planning Dept and the RDT (Residential Design Team).

The address of the project is: 271, 301 - 303 Upper Terrace.
It would cover the hillside that spans Upper Terrace, Roosevelt Way and 17th Street. The lower portion is on the NW corner of Roosevelt and 17th.  It is diagonally across from the New Upper Terrace Market.  The plan is for 9 homes within 5 buildings.

The RDT suggested that the developers (Dawson & Clinton) include a stairway that would connect Roosevelt Way to Upper Terrace. It would be paid for - landscaping, hardscape, irrigation and lighting - by Dawson & Clinton.

If there is neighborhood support for the stairway element, it would most likely become part of the project. The land would be a permanent "public right-of-way".

If there is neighborhood opposition to the stairway element, it would remain private property, inaccessible to anyone other than residents of the adjacent 2 buildings.


Support the public stairway plan?

Oppose the public stairway plan?

The stairway is the green diagonal row starting in the upper left.
The stairway is the green diagonal row starting in the upper left.

1. Do you support or oppose the public stairway plan?

2. Are you a member of any of the following neighborhood organizations?