Friday, June 10, 2016

Some Corbett Heights News

Hi Neighbors,
Here are a few bits of neighborhood news:

  • Our next meeting will be on Thursday, July 28th, and we have a tentative yes from Supervisor Wiener.  Also, Joel Pomerantz will be coming to speak to us.  He's the founder of Thinkwalks, and the creator of Seep City - a map and book showing San Francisco's historic waterscape.  He loves sharing his knowledge of the natural environment.  
  • The crime wave continues.  I received this email from a neighbor on 17th Street last week:  

My two neighbors one house down the hill were home around 9:30 Monday night when a tweeker started breaking down the front door. They called 911 and apparently there had been other reports of a suspicious person in the neighborhood because the cops showed up while the guy was still trying to get in. Two cops had to battle the guy down the stairs and it took two more cops to cuff him.

AND - Just last night, under the street lamp near the corner of Mars and Corbett - across from security motion sensor lights that go off when even a hummingbird flies by - our tenant had all 4 wheels stolen from his Subaru.  Here's a photo:

  • DPW is still "discussing" how best to spend the $165,000 that Supervisor Wiener was able to get from last year's budget to use to turn the Corbett Slope into an actual park.  
  • Believe it or not, the History Project is still moving forward.  According to our consultant, it will be submitted for approval in July!  Including the text, the maps and the photos it's about 250 pages.
  • For those short-term-rental folks, here's a informational notice from the city:

  • And last - please check out:  Sometime within the last year I received an email from a concerned resident of Noe Valley who was fighting demolition of a small cottage on Valley Street.  Mid-battle he discovered that the house was actually an intact "earthquake cottage".  While the Planning Department was looking into its history to determine whether it was a historic resource worthy of preserving, it was discovered that it was actually 2 earthquake cottages that were placed at right angles to form a "T".  The battle seemed to have been won as the Planning Department refused to authorize the demolition.  Marc Norton, who's been battling this for over a year, is continuing to collect signatures.  We supported his efforts last year.  If you haven't signed yet…. Here's the latest:

Real estate speculators never seem to quit, and John Shrader -- who bought the property on Valley Street -- is no exception. 

Shrader has now come back with a new proposal.  He wants to demolish one of the Earthquake Shacks, move the other shack to the front of the property, and put it up on a "one story pedestal."  He then wants to create two units on the property, both entered through the one relocated Earthquake Shack that would survive the wrecking ball.  One unit would have two bedrooms, the other "3 bedrooms and a roof deck."  Somehow this would fit into a "3 story over basement" [i.e., 4 stories] structure, plus a roof deck.

 Shrader has not submitted any drawings or plans, but wants the Planning Department to let him know "if you think this is going in the right direction."
 Shrader does not seem to have gotten the message from the Planning Department that "369 Valley Street stands as one of the better examples of a compilation of Earthquake Shacks that retains a high degree of integrity and conveys the distinctive characteristics of these unique property types."
 We hope that the Planning Department will reject this new proposal from Mr. Shrader, consistent with their previous findings.
Stay tuned.

That's all for now.
- Gary