Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Corbett Heights Meeting Reminder

Hi Neighbors -

One last reminder that our meeting will be this coming Thursday, July 28th.  
Here are some of the things we'll be discussing:

- Supervisor Wiener who is running for State Senate will discuss District 8 and citywide issues.  
- Joel Pomerantz will give a talk on San Francisco's historic waterscape and natural environment.  (Contributions towards Joel's talk are not compulsory, but gratefully accepted!)
- Due to all the recent break-ins, we are hoping to have a discussion on any security systems or cameras/lighting that people have found successful.
- If you haven't voted yet to approve or disapprove our slate of officers, and our changes to the bylaws you may do so at the meeting.
- SFMTA has just finished a study of traffic circulation in Upper Market.  The results have dismayed many neighbors and businesses.  I'll discuss all of the contentious parts.

Hope to see you there!