Friday, July 22, 2016


Hi Corbett Heights Folks -

Since 2011, property owners in San Francisco have been responsible for maintaining the street trees that are in front of or adjacent to their homes.  You've probably heard about all of the problems that have ensued due to this poor decision.

Supervisor Wiener has proposed a ballot measure for a small parcel tax.  Funds from this tax would enable the city to once again take responsibility for the care and maintenance of the trees.  The proposal had the support of voters and until recently seemed as though it would easily get the support of 6 Supervisors.

At this week's Supervisor's meeting, Supervisor Mar, who had been a co-sponsor of the proposal, withdrew his name saying he wasn't sure anymore whether the parcel tax was the right approach.  In the meantime, care of San Francisco's trees remain in limbo.  

Please send a quick note to Supervisor Mar, asking that he reconsider and vote next week to support Supervisor Wiener's proposal.

Your note can say something like:
Dear Supervisor Mar:
We are very concerned about the state of our street trees, and feel that 
Supervisor Wiener's proposal, that until this week you had been a co-sponsor,
is the best solution.  Please, for the sake of the trees, vote to support this 

Thank you,

Jane Doe
Main Street.

His email address is:

Thank you!!
- Gary