Thursday, September 29, 2016

Corbett Heights Notes and Reminders

Hi Neighbors,
Huge apologies for the silence coming from me and our board lately.  It's been an "interesting" last couple of months, but root canal and ill 97-year-old mother aside,  there is a lot of news to report.  

Next CHN General Meeting - Thursday, 10/27 - 7PM
At this time the agenda is not fully flushed out, but Senator Mark Leno will be there to discuss State ballot initiatives, among other things.  Please try and attend!

Last CHN Meeting Supervisor Scott Wiener attended (during Hillary's acceptance speech!), and spoke about his campaign for State Senator, what he's accomplished during his term as D8 Supervisor and what he hopes to accomplish as Senator.  He also spoke about Proposition E, which transfers responsibility of street tree care from the homeowner back to the City.  Please vote to support this!

Roosevelt/17th St/Upper Terrace project:  After dozens of emails, phone conversations and meetings, several parts of the plan for this site remain unclear.  The Planning Dept's Residential Design Team (RDT) came up with several requirements that have drastically improved the overall look of the project.   The buildings along 17th and Roosevelt are visually improved, with "view corridors" between each of the 3 duplexes.  
They are now working with DPW and a committee of neighbors (I'm included) to determine which improvements to the Monument Way stairs would be best for the community.  The most obvious is the structural rehabilitation of the stairs themselves.  Then there would be lighting, landscaping and irrigation.  
There are many lingering issues with this project: 
  • The overall size: The last drawings showed an overall square footage of over 51,000 square feet.  That's over 5,000 square feet average.  
  • Lap pools are still included in the plans. 
  • The geotechnical report supports the fact that there is great instability in the hill.  Since Corbett Heights has just experienced 2 landslides (17th St. above Uranus, and Corbett, just west of Mars) this issue is of great concern.  This doesn't mean the project can't or shouldn't move forward, but it would be good to clarify what the plan will be to counter the concern. 
  • There will be over 2 years of horrific dust, debris, trucks, noise and congestion.  We would like to know how they intend to mitigate this issue.
Several neighbors plan on continuing to meet to stay on top of this issue.  Let me know if you'd like to be included.

Corbett Slope!
I just met with 7 members of DPW staff, along with Andres Power from Scott Wiener's office and our wonderful caretaker of the Slope - Gary Robertson this afternoon in City Hall.  I'm really happy to announce that the stairway connecting Corbett to Market is back in the plan!  From Corbett, they will begin just west of the bend in the fence, in the western half, arch to the right, and then arch back to the left to reach Market St.  A portion of the wall will be eliminated in order to access the stairs from Market.  
There will also be a portion of the upper "level" area that will be covered with a permeable surface suitable for persons with disabilities.  
All in all, this will be a phenomenal bonus to our neighborhood!

Corbett/Ord Triangle Park:
Earlier this year a group of us constructed a short stone wall along the Corbett side of the park, for the purpose of retaining some of the detritus, and preventing it from covering the sidewalk as often.  We also had a huge amount of mulch delivered which we spread over the accessible area.  Since then Olga and Brad have been there spending hours cleaning up the park on the 3rd Saturday of every month.  
Our intention was to replant some of the now bare areas.  DPW promised to help out with this over a year ago.  Somehow our little project never remained a priority for very long.  But as of last week, it's been "confirmed" (although I hate to potentially jinx it) that the following will take place by the 3rd week in October:
  • Plant a new ginkgo tree in the NW corner to replace a dead pepper tree that was removed;
  • Replace the doggie bag post that their crew knocked down when removing the dead tree;
  • Replace uplifted sidewalks along both Corbett and 17th;
  • Supplement the path on the upper portion with new DG (decomposed granite) as it has sagged over the years;
  • Provide a lockable cage over the timer apparatus to prevent it from being vandalized.
I'm trying to see if they'll help with replacing the irrigation hoses also. After all this, replanting can begin!

The History Project
It was finally finished a few months ago, and submitted to all of the necessary recipients.  And, months later, we are still waiting for their review to be completed.  Everything moves so painfully slowly.  Once it's all approved, our next step is to figure out printing and/or publishing.

75 Mars:  
This most ridiculous project will have taken longer to build than the Golden Gate Bridge.  I've spoken with the owner - Jonathan Deason - many, many times about the delays, and the extra cost for these delays.  I do believe he would like this to be finished at least as much as we would, but the reasons for the perennial delays have never made sense to me. 

George Miley:  I think that over the years, I've received more emails and complaints and inquiries about our resident homeless person than anyone or anything else.  George can usually be found on or near the bench at the top of Merritt Park (at Danvers and Market) - with or without his pants on.  He grew up across the street on Danvers.  His nephew still lives there.  When it's raining he apparently is allowed to sleep on the doorway landing.  
The police apparently have asked him to move along several times, but he always returns. No one is permitted to sleep or store anything in a public space.   If you'd like to complain to the police, I have direct contact info for the officers who deal with this sort of thing.

And Last:
I'm currently acting chair of Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association's (EVNA) Land Use Committee. The Committee discusses residential and commercial projects within Eureka Valley in all stages of the permitting process.  It focuses on ensuring that these projects are compatible with and meet the needs of our residential and business communities.  
The committee meets the first Wednesday of every month from 7:00 to 8:30 at the Chase Bank at the corner of 15th, Sanchez and Market Streets. In addition to discussing plans and permits, the committee delves into issues such as affordable housing, historic preservation, protection of green spaces and more.  
We're looking for people knowledgeable in land use issues and the intricacies of the Planning process and those who have a serious interest in learning. Let me know if you have any interest in getting involved or checking us out!

Really last: Our (CHN) Board currently has 8 members. If you've been a member for at least 3 months, and would be interested in joining us, let me know. Maybe you wouldn't need to wait so long between updates!

- Gary