Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Corbett Heights Holidays!

Hi Neighbors -

Thankfully, I have some positive updates on some of the issues within Corbett Heights that have been dragging on endlessly.  

Corbett/Ord Triangle Park:  We finally received our new ginkgo tree to replace one of the 2 Brazilian Pepper Trees that died a while back.  It was promised last February.  10 months ain't too bad!
Other improvements within and bordering the park are "slated" to be done at the beginning of the New Year (hopefully that means 2017?)

Corbett Slope:  Major improvements to the Slope are all approved!  The initial phase will be the upper, mostly level area near the entrance gate.  
The area will be leveled a bit and a permeable paving will be poured.  We'll have several long planters, improved irrigation and a new entrance moved slightly west.  The area will be accessible to people with disabilities.  
The second, larger phase will take place next year.  That phase entails building a new concrete stairway connecting Corbett to Market!  It will start just west of the bend in the fence, arch around to the southwest, and exit through a new opening in the retaining wall on Market.  Here's a screenshot of the latest plan.  Apologies for the quality of the photo.