Thursday, April 20, 2017

Corbett Heights Meeting next Thursday, April 27

Hi Neighbors - 

We have a very full lineup of guests for next Thursday's meeting:

Shannon Ferguson and Michael Corbett will be attending to talk about the finally-almost-complete History project.  Shannon is from the Planning Department - they will be approving the final version.  Michael, of course, is the author of the extensive 250 page document - jam-packed with data as well as old maps and photos.  The History Project is officially known as the Corbett Heights Historic Context Statement.  Those of us who have been working on this for what seems like aeons are extremely happy and proud of the results.  
We will have a paper copy for you to look at, as well as - hopefully - an electronic means to view it.

Dawson & Clinton, the developers of the massive project that goes from Upper Terrace to both 17th Street and Roosevelt.  Currently the plan includes 10 dwellings, averaging almost 5300 square feet each, and a private lap pool for each building.  
Other than the astonishing size of these units, the primary concerns are the instability of the hillside itself, the likelihood that neighboring homes could be seriously negatively impacted, silica dust from the disruption of the rock outcroppings which are mostly Franciscan chert - in addition to the expected timeframe for excavation and construction during which time lanes of both Roosevelt and 17th Streets will be closed off, creating a traffic nightmare, and the fact that dust will cover virtually everything.
The scariest thing - as you've all probably noticed, is that, to demonstrate just how unstable the rock is, there was a huge landslide on the opposite side of 17th Street, as well as a smaller one on the other side of the hill on Corbett just west of Mars.
The Planning Commission hearing is tentatively set for June 8th!  And no environmental reports have as yet been released.

And finally, Ozzie Rohm of the Noe Neighborhood Council will be there to give a brief explanation of something the Planning Dept is trying to do that may have some serious impacts on our neighborhood - as well as others across the city.  I've been meeting with a group of people from several neighborhood organizations in SF about this issue.  She (Ozzie) will give a very brief description of 3 changes we feel will greatly improve the new Urban Design Guidelines.  After that we'll ask for a show of hands by members to see if we approve or oppose the changes.  

So please try and attend!  These 3 topics are about as important as any we've discussed in the past.  

Also - I'll have the full agenda and Meeting fliers printed up tomorrow.  If anyone is able to help distribute them please let me know.

- Gary

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