Thursday, June 22, 2017

Corona Hts Large Residence Special Use District!

Dear Neighbors -

Some great news - the legislation was passed unanimously by the Planning Commission!  We will now have even greater controls than we had under the Interim Zoning Controls - - - IF it gets passed by the Board of Supervisors Land Use Committee Monday.  
The 3 members of that committee are Mark Farrell, Aaron Peskin and Katie Tang.  Aaron Peskin has told me that he is supportive, and I'm hopeful that Farrell and Tang will also go along, but it's critical that we have a decent showing at the meeting.  
It will take place this coming Monday, June 26th at City Hall, Room 250.  The meeting begins at 1:30, but we are pretty far down the agenda - Item 7 out of 10.  
If this passes Land Use, the full Board of Supervisors will almost definitely follow suit the following day.  Then it's just up to the Mayor to sign it, and since he appointed Supervisor Sheehy who sponsored the legislation, it's more than likely that he will sign it.  WHEN it passes, we will become what I believe is the only neighborhood in SF to have an ordinance that specifically targets oversized homes.
So - please show up if you can!  We had a nice showing of neighbors this afternoon at the Commission hearing.  I hope we can have even more on Monday.
Here's a link to the Agenda:

- Gary