Tuesday, July 31, 2018

143 Corbett

Conditional Use Appeal by Corbett Heights Neighbors

143 Corbett Ave


We are informing our membership that Corbett Heights Neighbors will be appealing the Conditional Use Authorization, that has recently been granted to the construction project at 143 Corbett Avenue.

Over the past 4 years over 15 permits were obtained without planning or neighborhood involvement: Instead of trying to obtain permission for a large job, the owners asked for permission to undergo numerous tasks by breaking up the project into small portions. Two floors have been excavated without soils engineering, resulting in water damage to one of our neighbors. In addition, an illegal deck was enclosed, although it already exceeded the rear yard coverage line and had originally been built without a variance.

In October 2016 the City issued a Notice of Violation and requested that all over-the-counter permits be consolidated. Because the structure exceeds 55% of lot coverage, the owners had to obtain a Conditional Use Authorization. On June 21 the Planning Commission heard the case, criticized the illegal construction but then allowed the illegally enclosed deck to be grand-fathered in.

Corbett Heights Neighbors is appealing the Planning Commission decision to the Board of Supervisors to ensure due process and prevent bad precedent in our Special Use District. Without a proper review, adjoining properties have increased risk levels for water, foundation, fire and other damage.

If you wish to learn more about this case, or if you wish to support our efforts, please contact Jennifer Creelman at or at (415) 244-9932. We are specifically looking for signatures from owners whose properties are located inside or touch the yellow circle on the below map. Thank you for your time.

Corbett Heights Neighbors