History Project

In May 2012 Corbett Heights Neighbors (CHN) received a grant from the Historic Preservation Fund Committee (HPFC) and engaged Michael R. Corbett, one of the Bay Area's most respected architectural historians to conduct the study.   Mr. Corbett is a well-known author of the classic SF works Splendid Survivors, and Port City:  The History and Transformation of the Port of San Francisco 1940-2010

Context Statement

A Historic Context Statement for a neighborhood is a particular kind of history that is focused on the physical development of a neighborhood — on the history of the cultural landscape and its components, including its natural features, infrastructure, and buildings. A Historic Context Statement helps to explain why an area looks the way it does.

Corbett Heights Historic Context Statement documents the history, patterns of development, and physical fabric of the district from the 1840s to 1974. This book creates a set of preservation goals and priorities, identifies sites that might qualify for historic designation, provides recommendations for future research, and creates a framework for evaluating the significance of properties in our unique neighborhood. 

For copies of the book, which includes 150 years of neighborhood history in over 250 pages filled with historic photos & research: Contact Leslie Koelsch, CHN Treasurer at koelsch1886 at comcast.net.

The donation for the book is $40 for CHN members and $50 for non-members.  

Historic Photos