Corbett Heights Neighbors was formed in July 2004 for the purpose of providing a forum for the residents to discuss common issues and concerns, develop solutions, and guide the direction of the neighborhood.

The goals of the organization are to:
  • Beautify, maintain & improve the character of the neighborhood,
  • Protect historic architectural resources,
  • Ensure that new construction/development is compatible with the neighborhood,
  • Maintain its pocket parks,
  • Increase security,
  • Provide community outreach and an educational forum, and
  • Encourage friendly association among the neighbors.


There are at least four quarterly meetings of the general membership each year. Watch the CHN blog for the date and time of our next meeting, or to review past meeting minutes.

Corbett Heights Board

President: Gary Weiss (Mars)
Vice-President: Maryann Dresner (Ord Court)
Secretary: Rotating
Treasurer: Leslie Koelsch (Corbett Av.)
Officers: Dirk Aguilar (Ord St.), Paul Allen (Mars St.), Kevin Dunn (Corbett Av.), Grace Gellerman (Vulcan Stairs), Bill Holtzman (Lower Terrace), Rick Johnson (Corbett Av.), Brad Lyman (Corbett Av.)

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