Corbett Heights Neighborhood Association was formed in June, 2019. 

View CHNA Bylaws (updated June 2019)

CHNA Goals

     1. Beautify, maintain & improve the character of the neighborhood;
     2. Protect historic architectural resources;
     3. Ensure that new construction/development is compatible with the neighborhood;
     4. Maintain its public green spaces;
     5. Increase security;
     6. Provide community outreach and an educational forum;


General Membership Meetings are planned for 2019 on January 24, April 25, July 15 and October 21 (the third Monday of the first month each quarter). Meetings start at 7:00 PM at 501 Castro St near 18th St,  2nd floor above Bank of America. Review past meeting minutes in CHNA Blog.

CHNA Board Meetings are held every other month.

Corbett Heights Neighborhood Association

CHNA Officers

Director: Gary Weiss (Mars St)

Kevin Dunn (Corbett Ave)
Rick Johnson (Corbett Ave)
Jennifer Creelman (Corbett Ave)
Chip Driggs (Corbett Ave)